The Objective Reality: “A true mentor for you”

Today, I would like to draw your kind attention to this new fancy & modern word called “The Objective Reality”. I believe that. Most of us had never heard about the word before however, I am pretty sure that it is not at all hard to understand the meaning of the objective reality if the attention has been paid towards it.

In case, if you still do not understand the meaning then let me simplify it for you. The objective reality is a term when you see the actual thing or cause that has been occurring in your life due to the decisions you have taken. For most of us, it could be harsh & bitter truth because of the current thinking feed in our minds.

We are often told by elders that there is 2 kind of thinking exists, 1st is driven by your mind & 2nd is driven by your heart, however, I simply rejected both the kinds as every decision we make is over the basis of the information & experience we hold. Therefore, all I suggest is to see the actual scenario of a situation rather than predicting it, which may have caused it.

For example, if you recently had a break up from your loved one, then it will completely depend on the lifestyle you been following. Like, if you are most of the time un-secure due to some past failures then you might think that you just lost your partner due to some better options they might have found. However, the possibilities could also be a communication barrier that came between you & your partner or you might have continuously done something for which you been stopped before.

Likewise, if you are emotionally weak then it may take you over the “Road of Revenge” or “Choking your Self-esteem by Yourself”. In both cases, you have simply have lost your partner and the best thing you can do now is “Move on”. There could be so many examples given in order to elaborate on this phenomenal way of life. However, lesser is the new way to understand it better.

By my experience, nowadays, most of us are eager to achieve Name, Fame or Money, however, we try to hide this urge by covering it with the so-called statement “ I just want peaceful and happy life” which is nearly impossible to achieve if you hold big dreams and goals for you.

Therefore, all I can suggest to the readers of this blog, kindly find out the real objects and goals you want to peruse rather than thinking from emotionally or mentally about someone or something. If you really hold any value in their life, in the first place they would have never left you.
Being Honest to your self could be as truthful as universal truths

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  1. It seems a original content as i have searched it over google. Well done brother, keep it up.