It's best to be “self-made life's journey"

“SELF MADE” may just seem a word or a phrase to most of us, however, it is really a hard way of life option chosen by best of us. Negative minds may just protest against the first line of this blog, however, if you even have 5% of positivity left in you then welcome to the world of “SELF MADE”.
Here, let’s first assume that there is a world alive among us, which is called the “Universe of success”. The best part about this universe of success is that this world is completely practical & logical where action has its reactions. Wise people of this planet always advised that your 95% of life is because of the 5% decisions you have made.

Once you enter the universe of success, you may or may not feel tiny & deep loneliness within you which completely depends over your upbringing by the people who brought you in this world.

In our happy world, one thing is for sure that not everyone around us is equal in terms of everything, therefore, I truly advise you to feel lucky and blessed if you got support & stand from your parents or someone as same as them.

The reason why I addressed you tiny is because of the giant competition you may have to face and also due to the mass number of people walking over the same path already. Moreover, if we focus on the deep loneliness I have addressed before, it is there because of the rejections you might have faced by society, relatives and sometimes even by our loved once too. These terms (Tiny & Deep Loneliness) could crush you into send and it’s proven that great structures can’t be built over-sand.

So, it’s your call whether you going to be the sand or you are going to be the stone. Both of the terms (Sand & Stone) could be easily figured out by you once you truly look into yourself. However, if you found out that you are just the “Sand”, still there is hope to be transformed as “Stone”. All you need to figure out is the perfect & suitable pressure to build you up, and who knows while in a chase to be the “Stone” you might come out as a priceless and
precious “Diamond”.

“There is no gain, if you don’t hurt your Pain”

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